Design-Build Streamlining

We handle the day-to-day oversight duties on our construction sites. We provide or otherwise obtain only the highest quality materials, labor, equipment, and services which are necessary to complete the venture. As with any of our projects, we maintain a clean, organized, efficient, and safe construction site to be certain that our process is streamlined and time is used effectively.

When it is necessary to hire subcontractors, we only work with groups with whom we have had success in the past. Maintaining excellent relationships with the highest quality subcontractors is a very important part of our business, and we do this to ensure our clients experience only the best results.

Interior Completions

Executing any construction project takes meticulous planning. At INPEinc, we have the experience and expertise necessary to see the big picture and all of the smaller details as well.

We are well-versed in securing government permits for all ranges of projects, meaning our clients can rest easy knowing that we have done our homework and everything is covered. Our architects and engineers are the best in the business. They work with our clients to produce a design and know exactly how to create a detailed, accurate plan to make it come to fruition. Finally, proper scheduling is key. Coordinating the design process with permitting, securing equipment and materials, and supervising subcontractors is always a serious undertaking, but one we know how to handle properly every time.

Design-Build Streamlining

Traditionally, commercial construction projects have depended on a design team which is wholly separate from the construction group, and most often, these two entities are different companies altogether. One group would create a design while different and unrelated groups will submit bids to compete for the job of building the design.

The Design-Build project delivery system allows us to take full control over both of these entities because we oversee everyone involved in the entire process and encourage communication and collaboration at every step. Rather than having to rely on two or more separate companies attempting to work together smoothly, our clients enjoy the speed and cost benefits associated with this consolidation.

Interior Completions

If you are planning to move into an office and would like to personalize your interior space, INPEinc is here to make your vision a reality. We offer interior design services that will take your concept from abstract to concrete with professionally-created blueprints and project plans. Our in-house team will serve you diligently through each stage of the process to be certain that you are completely satisfied with the results.

From adding, removing, or relocating walls, doors, and windows to installing carpet, tile, and even hardwood flooring, no project is too big or small for us to tackle. Perhaps you would like a bathroom added to your new retail space for customer use, or you need to install specialized equipment into your dental practice’s new location. No matter your needs, we will meet and exceed them.

Ground-Up Construction

Our General Contracting experience allows us to be the perfect choice for your ground-up construction project. If you do not have a property lined up for this construction, we will help you find and secure the perfect location.

Our in-house architects and engineers will assess the site, secure the proper permits, and create a detailed plan for your vision. There are no projects too large or too small for us to undertake, from a storage shed behind your business to a brand new headquarters building with office space for hundreds. INPEinc Design-Build process ensures that you get the building you want in less time, for less money, and with greater transparency and service than you would find anywhere else.

Renovation and Remodeling

Whether your business is in a brand new office park, a free-standing building, or even an old, historic structure built a hundred years ago, INPEinc is equipped to take on any renovation or remodeling project you can envision.

Our construction expertise makes us the perfect choice for remodels because we understand the nuances of building construction, structural engineering, and aesthetic design, and the synthesis of these concepts as well. Seeing every angle of your project allows us to realize your vision for your space while preserving structural and historic aspects of the site. Because we utilize the Design-Build system, your renovation project will be completed in a minimum amount of time, and this allows you to get back to normal business operations more quickly and with the lowest capital expenditures possible.

Specialty Projects

At INPEinc, we encourage clients to approach us with any variety of projects, large or small. Does your medical practice need a specialized clean room or X-ray room? No problem. Would you like a 50-foot sign on your business’ property that can be seen from the highway? We can do it. Does your office need a sound-isolated room for recording promotional audio or video? Choose us. Think a miniature golf course would liven up your pediatrics practice? So do we.

Even if we have never built anything like what you are envisioning, we will jump at the opportunity to take on the challenge. Do not hesitate to come to INPEinc with any and all commercial construction projects, regardless of scope, because we will serve you diligently and transparently from start to finish.